Spicy Week II: Fruit

Welcome to fruity night. The final countdown! We’ve spanned so many sauces over the course of a week. Thank you for going along on this horrible voyeuristic journey. If you’ll excuse us, our tastebuds need reconstructive surgery. DSC_7196

Dirty Dick’s Hot Pepper Sauce: Very fruit-heavy, with a punch of acidity at the end. A lingering, but not intense heat. 6/10
Dave’s Ginger Peach: Intense ginger flavor, but little else in the way of heat or peach. Tastes like a strange candle. 4/10
Peach ‘n’ Pepper: Really tasty, really basic. A nice, clean fruity flavor. 5/10
Howlin’ Holler Pumpkin: The heat on this one knocked us off our feet- underneath the peppers, there was a smooth, roasted pumpkin flavor and a little sweetness. It’s like baked squash in a bottle. 6.5/10
Lime Time Grilling Sauce: Tangy, silky lime and grassy jalapeno- pure and balanced, with a smooth texture. Definitely a very versatile sauce. 6/10
Strabenero: Despite the bright pink color, this had a flavor almost like a smoothie, ripe and tart, with a steady habanero heat at the back of the palate. A little tame, but tasty. 8/10
Keenan’s Killer Sunshine Mango: Has a strange, cloying cinnamon aftertaste that overshadows the mango and makes the pepper taste very bitter. 3/10
Dragon’s Blood Elixir Mango Ginger Berry: Subtle fruit, but the heat is mitigated well so that the flavors are able to come out without tasting strange or fading quickly. A little similar to duck sauce. 7.5/10
LOUD Orange Sunshine: Definitely the most habit-forming hot sauce of the group. A concentrated mango brightness, with a gradual buildup of habanero heat. I’m already salivating over the future tacos. 9/10DSC_7190
Race City Sauce Works Jalapeno-Sour Apple Pepper Sauce: This was the least successful fruit sauce. It tasted like a cross between a Jolly Rancher and Tabasco. Syrupy sweet and strange. 1/10
Rocky’s Lime Hot Sauce: Excellent, intense lime flavor, but the base is strange. The lime sits atop a pungent barbecue-esque flavor. It’s a little odd, but it works. 5/10
High River Rogue Hot Sauce: No sense of blood orange or fruit at all- just pure, unadulterated heat. Way too spicy and very little flavor nuance. 2/10
Bandar Spicy Mango: Unappealingly salty- no other flavor is detectable. 0/10
Bathtub Gin Whiskey and Cherry Tomato: Has quite the boozy bite to it, with a good smokiness. A little sweeter than preferred. 6/10
Eddie’s Citrus Kicker Lime Heat: Weird texture, but a nice lime flavor. Bitter and sweet. 6/10DSC_7191
Marshall’s Haute Sauce Cranberry Red Jalapeno: Why didn’t I have this for Thanksgiving? Ripe, tart cranberries, with the crispness of the fresh ones and the concentrated, mulled nip of the dried berries met a quick, subtle blast of jalapeno heat. 8.5/10
Ledyard BBQ Hot Sauce: Tangy and fresh, with a burst of sweet citrus fruits at the onset, but the flavor of the peppers quickly overwhelmed those more subtle notes. 6/10
ASC JolokiBerry Jam: Dark, rich, and silky on the palate. Heavy balsamic tang, an interesting counterpart to the creeping heat from the prickly ghost peppers. 7.5/10
Sizzlin’ Chile Sweet Sensation: This had a clever flavor profile, with a mango and lime-forward sourness, and a slow, sweet burn. The sauce had a floral finish from the inclusion of pomegranate juice. Expertly balanced. 9/10
Chanterelle Ground Cherry Habanero Sauce: Very, very, very sweet and loose in texture. The looseness of the sauce and the clumps of seeds and fruit are disconcerting, but I imagine it would thicken and make a nice cooking sauce. 5/10
Marie Sharp’s Orange Peel Habanero: Nice, forward orange zest and bittersweet flavor. Like a fresh piece of fruit spiked with heat. A little too vinegar-heavy. 4/10
Chameleon Red Pepper Lime: Decent heat, and the lack of mulling spices allowed the flavors of the fruit and vegetables to shine through. 4/10
Puff’s Preserves Mandarin Rum Spice: Alongside chicken, tasted like excellent Chinese takeout, with boozy rum and a swift heat from the five-spice blend. 7/10

Once again, Sizzlin’ Sauce and Marshall’s have taken one of the top spaces in today’s ranking, alongside LOUD Habanero. This group had some of the best sauces we’d tried all week, with a strong slant toward the upper 7-10 ratings. Tune in tomorrow for the final ranking, and the winner of Spicy Week II.

Do you want to win a $25 McDonald’s Arch Card? Tell me which sauce you think will win tomorrow’s rankings by commenting here! I’ll pick a winner along with the sauce tomorrow around 9PM EST.

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  1. Jess, how ’bout a $250 gift card to Per Se instead? Ahh, on second thought that won’t be enough either.

    … dreaming of a white Christmas and some Osetra caviar with caramelized sunchoke agnolotti.

    Have a merry one.

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