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In a world where corn dogs and chic holiday gatherings rarely intersect…
One blogger…
Will defy the odds…DSC_6948

And change the holidays forever. Or at least this post. Or for next semester. I’ve been struggling trying to come up with food ideas to make for my mother’s Christmas Eve this year. We typically do it up with snacks from the sixties- think cocktail meatballs in gravy, caramelized onion dip, olives, deviled eggs, champagne, and such. I’m rarely tasked with bringing anything, but after running this blog for nearly five years, I feel somewhat obligated to bring a little more than my charming self. It’s killed me. I’ve tossed around homemade roast beef to kitschy gingerbread cookies with pastel frostings to crepe cake, and all signs lead to one thing: I’m exhausted. I have no energy to cook or conceive a brilliant recipe from my fertile loins.DSC_6949Collective Bias and Sam’s Club challenged me to come up with a recipe that involved corn dogs, the least recipe-essential item since canned chicken. I was pretty pumped, as the only thing I like more than eating food is feeding it to people and experiencing it vicariously. I couldn’t eat these corn dogs because gluten, but after tossing around a few recipe ideas with the Bedfellow, this one struck gold.wpid-IMAG1078.jpgCorn Dog Deli Sliders

Ingredients (makes ten slider bites)
One Country Ribbon corn dog (or brand of your choice), frozen and thinly sliced
Two slices of cheese (I used Boar’s Head chipotle gouda)
Four thin slices of deli meat (Boar’s Head Jamaican Jerk Turkey…jerky?!)
Mustard, hot sauce, pickled onions, and cornichons to tasteDSC_69431. Preheat the oven to 350 and lay out the corn dog slices- each dog ought to yield about ten or eleven slices. If they’re difficult to cut, microwave them for 5-10 seconds after you’ve taken out the stick.

2. Lay out the cheese atop the slices- just enough to cover the hot dogs without going over the edges. Bake for ten minutes or until the cheese is melted.DSC_6946
3. Top with a little deli meat and a dab of mustard. For extra vintage appeal, pickled onions and cornichons add a great tang.DSC_6951These will definitely be making an appearance at the party, as I haven’t the faintest notion to what I’m going to do with a surplus of 28 corn dogs. Op-a! Aren’t they cute, though? They look like crostini. The Bedfellow described these as “pretty damned good.” Then again, she is receiving corn dog appetizers on a platter by her girlfriend, so she may be influenced by my gorgeous, youthful visage. Also, corn dogs.

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