Thanksgiving Tacos

Thanksgiving was great! The 1910 Mexican Revolution was even greater! I just wanted to pop in to say hello and thank you for your readership. I’m thankful for your snark, patronage, and sexy, sexy eyes, readers. To commemorate this amazing holiday, the likes of which I have just Googled, I decided to make a handheld version of Thanksgiving dinner for your personal enjoyment and pleasure. It’s Thanksgiving tacos. It’s made of leftovers.
The tortillas. Are made. Of stuffing. Specifically, Silver Palate cornbread, sausage, and apple stuffing, combined with masa harina and flattened out. The stuffing kept the tortillas moist and helped crisp everything up with the fat from the sausage.
Let us begin.
These are Thanksgiving leftovers. I brought them from a friend’s house. They’re pretty good as they are, nuked to oblivion on a plate.
But these are Thanksgiving tacos. Stuffing tortillas. Cranberry guacamole. Mashed potato and refried beans mixed together. And sauteed shredded turkey in curry sauce. Hell yeah. Gobble gobble. I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving. I binge-watched Twin Peaks and ate other people’s food. And now I’m going to shop for really gross holiday-themed foods. Butter rum seltzer for the win, gang.

Happy Thanksgiving, readers!

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