Retro Cereal Week Round-Up

Hi, guys!

If you enjoyed my pain and annoyance with Kellogg’s Corn Pops from 1984 yesterday, why not check out the other bloggers who participated in Retro Cereal Week with me? On Monday, The Impulsive Buy gave us an utterly Bartesque look at The Simpsons’ Homer’s Cinnamon Doughnut Cereal from 2001.

On Tuesday, Rodzilla took a trip back in time with the edible time capsule thousands of 4th graders buried their Harry Potter figurines in- Millenio’s! Didn’t those come with a freshly minted penny from 2000?

Wednesday brought us a most excellent look at the 21-year old Bill and Ted’s Excellent Cereal, which, according to Food Junk, wasn’t excellent at all. And on Thursday, we saw Junk Food Guy’s take on the short-lived Dunkin’ Donuts cereal by Ralston Purina.

Check back soon for our next theme week, soon to be determined, and until next time, eat well! Unlike us. These cereals basically sucked hard.


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