Dunkin’ Donuts Eggnog Latté

Chicken and waffles? Passé. Chicken and donuts? That’s more like it. Add a side of redeye gravy and you’re good to go. I entered donut-fried chicken into a Dunkin’ Donuts contest (of my own, and Dillinger’s volition) today and decided to pick up this hot-off-the-press Eggnog Latté while I was at it. It took twenty minutes to make, not because the talented baristas hand-beat the yolks and ground fresh nutmeg into steeped Arabica coffee beans, but because the cashier was lost or dead in the back freezer. After she cryogenically unfroze and took my money, I had a fresh latté in my hands.DSC_6555After the red velvet latté travesty, I was a little reluctant to swallow this one down. It was thicker and more creamy than the last, but the coffee was strong, giving a bittersweet counterpart to the sweet eggnog. Surprisingly, and thankfully, not too sweet at all. It lacked that syrupy aftertaste that cheap eggnog has. The coffee took place of the rum or other liquor that is traditionally added to fresh eggnog.
DSC_6556 The spices are robust and interact both with the coffee, accentuating its more spice and acidic-driven flavors, and the eggnog. I was pleased to detect a healthy dose of nutmeg in addition to cinnamon. The spices must have been added in a syrup or fine powdery form, as there was no resulting graininess. I typically pass up eggnog around the holidays, favoring champagne and coffee if anything, and try to avoid coffee in any color other than black. A little less cream would be preferable as toward the end of the drink, it blanketed the spice and coffee flavors, rendering it bland, but well-made. As much as this goes against the grain of my preferences, it was really quite tasty. It’s a decent, if unremarkable holiday beverage. rating6

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