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I am writing a brief. (CITE) I am writing a brief and am putting in citations later by denoting them with irritating, obvious marks. (CITE) I have not eaten a substantial meal in about three days. Want to know what’s been keeping me alive? It’s cereal. Specifically, Vanilla Chex. I’m a huge fan of the Chex line, as they’re all gluten-free and taste pretty good. Recently, Chex came out with a vanilla flavor and sent me a few boxes to review.DSC_6541This appears to be a good cereal for people who fall into the middle camp, the in-betweeners of “Holy christ, this tastes like diabetes,” and “Please let me try and start the day with something vaguely healthy.” I liked the other flavors of Chex because of how well-balanced they were. They didn’t rely too heavily on sugar and had very natural, intense flavors- the chocolate flavor was deep and cocoa-heavy, the cinnamon version was rich in spices, the snozzberry really tasted like snozzberry, and such, but this flavor was a stark deviation from the reliable quality of the others. It was downright saccharine, interpreting “vanilla” as “vanilla frosting,” with a cloying, sugary buzz whose coating sank to the bottom and transformed the milk into a thick, almost pasty, grainy ooze after the cereal was gone. It started out well- there’s a brief, classic corn flavor but then the vanilla and sugar completely overwhelms. By the third bite, it’s all I could taste.

It just had too much of that canned frosting flavor, and not enough of the bourbon, vanilla-bean notes I seek out in the flavor. It overpowered the naturally sweet corn flavors. I mean, I’m not asking for Nielsen-Massey to be poured all over my Chex– that’s something I can, and often do in the privacy of my own home. (Don’t judge.) But a little less err toward the nostalgia of bake sales would be preferred.rating3

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  1. I agree! I hated the vanilla chex. I threw most of the box away after a long while of the remains sitting around hoping I’d reconsider.

  2. I’m surprised so many people dislike this cereal. I think it is very good. It tastes a lot like Frosted Toast Crunch, but has a little less sugar.

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