Oreo Birthday Giveaway!

A giveaway! It’s midterm slash surprise paper slash roast chicken craving slash apartment inspection week, so I’m taking a brief pause to get some work done. I will have new, fresh content back for you on Monday, where I’ll recap the amazing gastronomic extravaganza that was SIAL and showcase the other food expos I attended this week. Paris is all about the trade shows, yo.
In the meantime, Oreo wrapped up their 100th birthday bash with a user-generated advertising opportunity and international Oreo tasting in Times Square earlier on in the month. They have generously provided one Foodette Reviews reader a special Oreo birthday t-shirt and package of Birthday Cake Oreos (our take here) to win after following these two easy steps:

To gain an entry, you may either:

1. Comment on this post with your ideal imagined Oreo flavor: come on! Let’s one up lemon and peppermint. Do you want to see Red Velvet Oreos for Christmas? Champagne for New Year’s? Think outside of the box and tell me what you want them to create before they turn 200. 

2. Retweet/repost this phrase: “GIVEAWAY: Oreo turned 100 and all I got were these limited-edition Birthday Cake Oreos from @foodettereviews and @oreo http://bit.ly/oreobday” and give me a heads up in the comments.

The contest will run until December 1st, 6PM UTC and I’ll announce the winner then! (Photo courtesy of the Oreo team)

18 thoughts on “Oreo Birthday Giveaway!”

  1. Cannoli Oreos- two chocolate cookies held together with cannoli cream.

    Oreo can totally steal this from me, all i ask in return is cookies for life! Or for these to exist.


  2. I’d like for Oreo to hop on the pumpkin bandwagon with a pumpkin pie oreo. Creme is the filling and you could flavor the wafer like a pie crust.

  3. Is this international? Oh well I’m going for it (@LSal92 on Twitter)

    I’d love a spicy oreo. There’s something about chili and chocolate that I lovw.

  4. Mince pie flavour!
    Either vanilla biscuit or chocolate (vanilla is probably better) and then the middle fondant tastes like mince pie.

    And if they come individually wrapped, they could have little ribbons on so you can hang them on your tree 😀

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