Euforia Triple Delight Cake

Happy Halloween! Am I dressing up? I’m not dressing up. I’m continuing in the grand tradition of exempting myself from holidays and social interaction by drinking cider, eating candy, and watching Twin Peaks in bed. Compare this to last year’s Bobcat Goldthwait/pumpkin crêpe and 2011’s Kubrick/leftover slices of cake marathon and you’ve got yourself a trend.DSC_6156

This could also have to do with the fact that I came up with the perfect, most delightfully whimsical Halloween costume…two days before Halloween. So, my lavish plans of being Sam Shakusky, boy scout costume and all, will have to wait for next year, when it is no longer culturally relevant and I will have to justify my purchases of a child’s uniform and raccoon skin cap to the appropriate authorities.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t delight in mix-sixties kitsch in it of itself, hence my ever-so retro photos of delicious cake. Regular readers and private stalkers may remember this clever company from back in 2011, where I lauded their thousand-layer cinnamon spice cakes. Recently, Euforia offered to send me their new cake, a Triple Delight, made with gluten-free vanilla and chocolate cake, filled with buttercream. The end result is stupendous- the hybrid lovechild of a poundcake and bread pudding, conceived under palm trees and the sweet crooning of Madonna. Because of how tender the thousand-layer cakes were, this took some getting used to. The construction is blockier, and as a self-professed icing whore, I would have preferred a higher frosting to cake ratio.DSC_6153All of these minute critiques, however, are immediately negated the moment the cake is microwaved. Not since Easy Mac has such a simple culinary technique been so revolutionary. Game-changer. It becomes free-standing, portable, tender bread pudding masquerading as a slice of cake. The slices are moist, eggy, and never too sweet. Though simple, they can don an array of costumes, from a scoop of melting ice cream oozing into the pliable cake, to a smear of salted caramel around a rolled-up slice, to my personal favorite- whipped cream and a cherry. The chocolate flavor is augmented by the heat, with a rich, semisweet cocoa powder note wafting from each bite. It is the best gluten-free cake I have had the pleasure to snarf.
Is it a trick? Hardly. Though it needs to be refrigerated in the off chance that you do not eat the entire thing in one sitting, it’s easy to heat, eat, and enjoy- such a simple, egalitarian dessert is most certainly a treat.

3 thoughts on “Euforia Triple Delight Cake”

  1. O, dear, you must be feeling deprived as a limerent spurned by its object of desire. Is your rating slanted ergo because the product is gluten-free?

    Madonna BTW can squeal and yip but not effectively croon.

    1. A tough call- I’d have to say no, though, as I had similar results prior to the gluten-freeganism with their other cake variety. I simply adore cake.

      Your effective usage of the word ‘limerent’ had me squealing and yipping- Madonna aside.

  2. Well, then, maybe you & Madonna can perform a duet in caterwauling dissonance of one of her better songs Like A Prayer and you can go Kim “Sonic Youth” Gordon on her by asking if she or any of her descendent divas are still going to be able to liberate us from white male corporate oppression.

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