Hello, world.

Well, here’s the new and improved Foodette Reviews! Dillinger and I worked all afternoon to get it over to independent hosting and work out the kinks in a theme. I made the switch over to WordPress, too. Blogger was slow and just looked clunky. This isn’t perfect, but it’s a damned good start.

See what we did, and what we’re going to do after the jump!Some things we changed:
1) No more orange and turquoise! Black and white is the new theme now- more minimal, and will allow you to focus on the lovely photos.
2) Links have their own separate page. Instead of having to scroll to see them, my favorite blogs are under the ‘Fellow Foodies’ page.
3) From hereon out, I will be condensing posts with a click-through so that they are easier to scroll through. I can’t fix the other 1,000, but I can start doing this in the future.

Some things to note:
1) For some reason, this theme will not allow me to bold text. A bummer, as that made all the difference in the flow. If anyone knows of a solution, I hope you’ll let me know!
2) Comments are down at the bottom and won’t get cut off any more- which means you can comment more! 😉
3) There is no longer a large list of tags, but they are all clickable and can be clicked on to view other posts with that tag.
4) The contact page (Talk to me!) now has a contact form and link to my email address.

Things for the future:
1) Three words: Giant. Floating. Pizza. Well, hopefully. Gotta do something with that white space on the sidebars.
2) A customized title, maaayyyybeeeeee?
3) More and more and more awesome food.

We did it!

I hope you like it.


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