Mohegan Sun BrewFest 2013

Sometimes things don’t go as they’re planned. Moves. Relationships. Briefcases. Expos. What’s that? The first two were rom-com tropes, and the third and fourth are virtually unrelatable? It’s so much bigger than that. Please, allow me to extrapolate. The Bedfellow and I went to the Mohegan Sun BrewFest the other night. We went as members of the media (the casino supplied passes and food tokens), and halfway through the casino, strutting across the floor like kings, my new briefcase started to malfunction. The clasp has been failing, lately- it’s been breaking at inopportune moments, spilling my papers on the floor.

Despite my freshly shorn hair and perfectly chic outfit, I looked a little stupid. It’s not the first time it’s happened, though if it happens in front of you, faithful, sexy reader, I’ll gladly deny that. I’m…living with a briefcase that doesn’t even hold briefs. And it feels good to get it off my chest. In any case, it was awkward and made me fear for the BrewFest. Would it similarly malfunction? Yes, I knew that a BrewFest would undoubtedly include beer, and approaching it from a gluten-free, stubby perspective, I was a little out of place amidst the boorish, loud crowd, but I figured I’d maximize what I could in terms of booze and fun.

Turns out the BrewFest wasn’t as much of an epic failure as the briefcase, but it did have some points that I think needed work. The cider selection? Absolutely awesome. We circled around and tried wonderful samples of cider and I even ate a snack or two. Although the gluten-free selection wasn’t awesome- they tried to incorporate beer into almost everything, leaving me more than a little hungry after my jap chae noodles and potato chips, they did have a nice menu and enough things that I could nosh, if not fill myself up completely.

And the drinks were great! Outside of Redd’s, which is unfortunately, not a real cider and is therefore, non-potable, the others were excellent. My personal favorite of the night was the Trappist’s yeast and maple syrup from Crispin. It was so nuanced and deep in flavor, like biting into an apple coated in honey, but with enough of a balance from the yeast that it wasn’t saccharine.

Although I did get a little irritable toward the end of the night- one too many encounters with drunk, lumbering bros and a slightly sloppy interaction with a girl wearing a necklace made of pretzels, it was a decent event. I’ve read a few other accounts of the evening and, like the others, unanimously agree that $25 is too accessible- it created so much crowding and bodily heat that it was impossible to move around smoothly, never mind with a full glass of beer. And despite my appreciation for a night event with a generous timeframe, I had to reconsider how long I wanted to wait for each sample. The cider lines weren’t too long, but I could never stand for thirty minutes for free Guinness. I might go again, if there were less people, and more food I could eat. It was still fun to run around Mohegan at night.

Oh, and the briefcase?

It will make a marvelous fringed vest for the CEO of Coach.

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