Herr’s Barbecue Corn Chips

Image courtesy of Herr’s website

These were interesting. I bought them while walking home from a doctor’s appointment and was determined to find new chips.

I hadn’t tried them before, and they seemed like a decent value at 99 cents, so I picked them up and carried them home.

On my way, I was thinking about them. The best corn chip is relatively flat, thick, and salty, with lots of seasoning. Herr’s like, legitimately delivers spices, with their hot chips and salt and pepper, they’re normally really great. But these chips were weak. The texture was like eating uncooked noodles or Fritos Twists, and the salt was…eh. On my fingers, it was less of a barbecue seasoning than just a flavored salt.

My verdict? Go with Fritos barbecue if you crave flavored corn chips.


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