Dunkin’ Donuts Boston Creme

Image copyright The Traveling HungryBoy

Mmmm…doughnuts. Nothing better than those.

D&D ran a contest about a month ago, and I genuinely hope I win. Why? Because I got to create the ultimate doughnut.

See, I love Boston Creme. It’s a love hate affair between the two of us. On one hand, I love the glaze, the cream, and the overall gooshiness of the product, but the cake…it’s just bleh. I love their glazed sticks- that’s good cake, but this is more of a Wonder-bread like product than their cake doughnuts, and it brings an almost neutral, bland taste to the entire thing.

I love it. I just wish there was more sugar and flavor, and that’s why I created my doughnuts.

6/10- MAYBE

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