Lindt Excellence Pistachio

We bought this bar to finish off our pizza with, because it was a lovely day.

I felt it. It was a heavy bar, with a really nice feeling to it, and when we unwrapped it, I was surprised and delighted to find out that it had little pods.

The pods made the bar. The almond creme, as it advertised, was nicely pooled instead of smushed down in a bar, and sat a nice green pistachio in the middle.

Lindt chocolate is just excellent. I mean, compared to so many others, it’s just smooth, creamy, no bitterness, and just delicious. I like it a lot. The flavors went really well together. I didn’t really know where the almond flavoring was, but the texture was like a marzipan as opposed to a creme.

It’s a good bar. I like their other flavors and hope to see more pod-bars soon.


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