Snyder’s of Hanover EatSmart Tres Bean Dip

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Today, the sun was out, and it was a good day to eat nachos.

My mom had bought some dip at the store with tortilla chips, and I was eager to try it.

I made my all-time standard- chips, dip, cheese, and sour cream.

And this dip is fucking incredible.

I’m very particular about my dips. I don’t really like salsa because of the chunks. I don’t even like chunky marinara sauce. I don’t like seven-layer dips, because of the chunks, so I was worried about this dip.

When you open the jar, you’re hit with a wonderful, spicy aroma. And no chunks. It’s a smooth, tasty dip with three beans. I couldn’t taste the lime they advertised, but the jalapenos were there and added some great heat.

Warmed up, this dip is spectacular, but cold, it’s great, too. It’s perfect. It’s the low-fat equivalent, actually, no fat equivalent to the gross dips I like- the cheesy, oniony ones, and it doesn’t taste like you’re chewing on veggies, either.

Take this dip. Worship it, and then pile it on chips with cheese and melt it. You will not regret this dip. It’s perfect.


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