CVS Simply Divine Luxury Wafers with Chocolate Creme

These are your standard, “I forgot to bring a gift to this party oh shit, what should I bring, I only have the cash that’s in my change drawer,” gift.

They come in one of those little cylindrical canisters, the packaging is very pretty, if a bit over the top. Ribbons, banners, and scripty font are vomited all over the package, making it look like a cotillion’s afterbirth residue.

The wafers themselves are pretty distinguished, actually, with gaily patterned stripes and dots, looking like what giraffe bones might. The taste isn’t anything special, really.

When you bite into one of these, you’re immediately stabbed by the shards of the wafer. At least they’re tasty shards, albeit mingled with blood. The creme really is chocolate creme. It’s melty and tasty and not stale-tasting or resembling mockolate at all.


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