Newman’s Own Organic Cinnamon Hermits

Here’s another product from the lovely people at Newman’s Own Organics. They gave me two kinds to try, original and cinnamon.

The cookie is a little deceptive in its packaging. The package looks big, but inside, there are only twelve cookies. Luckily, the cookies are extremely filling. I took three, expecting to eat them all and still be hungry, but stopped after two, they were that thick.

The cookie itself was delicious, but had me a little worried about the plain ones, because with the medley of raisins and doughy texture and cinnamon, it didn’t seem like it would be right if the cinnamon wasn’t there at all. I’ll have to see when I taste the plain ones.

The texture was thick, almost like a really good brownie, and the pieces of sugar were sweet and added to the richness of the cookie. They provided a lovely crunch and almost none of them fell off the cookie before eating them.

This is just a really excellent cookie. Personally, I cannot stand raisins, but these blended so well. They’re like an oatmeal raisin bar for the sophisticated set, the people who need more than a run-of-the-mill cookie. This is stuff for gourmands. Very tasty.

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