Oh Fudge! Dark Chocolate Fudge

That happens to be a picture of her black forest fudge, because I do not have a camera…

This is a package from an Etsy seller, Oh Fudge! online. She’s out of Kent, Washington, and makes delicious fudge!

I got a package from her today, of new newly debuted dark chocolate fudge. Half a pound! A very generous sample for this Foodette. Upon opening the box, I was presented with a dense, dark brown fudge, a little darker than the standard chocolate you see in stores.

One of the interesting things she uses, and I personally love it when this is an ingredient, is marshmallow cream. A lot of recipes call for corn syrup or condensed milk, but I find that the marshmallow cream gives a really smooth, not grainy, and sweet texture. Like eating a really chocolatey s’more.

Well, this fudge was no exception. It was a dense, but smooth and rich fudge. It cut like butter from the package. It tasted less like dark chocolate than semi-sweet, but was definitely distinguishable from milk chocolate fudge in the intensity of the flavor. The chocolate had a bold pop in your mouth, with the sweet, creamy marshmallow taste following up.

This is an excellent fudge for dark chocolate lovers, and at a very reasonable price, too. Check out Margaret’s shop here. You will not be disappointed.

Oh Fudge!
Kent, Washington


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