Herr’s Pizza Flavored Potato Chips

I cannot tell you how freaking excited I was to step into Caron’s Corner today, my local grocery store, and see these. For years, I’ve salivated over the strange and discontinued flavors of potato chips the wonderful Herr company puts out, and finally, there they were.

I grabbed a bag of the pizza chips as well as the baby back rib chips, which will be reviewed soon, and set home.

It was truly the perfect breakfast, in my opinion. A bowl of chips in each hand. They were wide, curly chips with a wide ripple to them, no skinny minnie ridgies for these chips. The chips themselves were thick, too, with that nice Herr’s potato smell.

Whoof. Oregano city here. The chips definitely have a pizza spice to them. They really smell like oregano and other assorted spices. They’re a bright orange from a cheese powder, which is interesting. These are good chips. They’re cheesy like a pizza. They’re spiced like a pizza. But there’s just no tomato like a pizza? Why is this? Pizza is supposed to have cheese. And Herr’s makes such a tasty and delicious ketchup potato chip, with a really good and authentic taste. I guess if they’d combined them, it would have been overload. I don’t know.

It was a good flavor, but I just got bored too quickly with these. And the oregano was overpowering. The bag was misleading, with a nice slice of gooey pizza. Oh well.


2 thoughts on “Herr’s Pizza Flavored Potato Chips”

  1. That’s too bad. I really love pizza and the idea of pizza-flavored chips excited me. I remember I felt the same way about Pringles pizza-flavored chips but was sadly let down. Oh well.

  2. Herr’s Barbecue “Baby Back Ribs” Flavored potato chips are 1st Class when it comes to BBQ flavored chips. Perfect 10 if you ask me.

    The pizza flavored is decent too, but there’s no tomato powder or tomato ingredients in it according to the ingredients listed on the bag. Such a surprise to me. I’d give Herr’s Pizza Flavored Chips an 8/10 if it had tomato powder in it, but since it don’t, I’ll give it a 3/10 on a bad day.

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