Herr’s Baby Back Rib Flavored Potato Chips

Another review from the land of strange potato chips.

These were the same, wide-rippled tasty chips, with the good crunchy base we all know and love. These reminded me a lot of the Walker’s Max chips I tried while abroad in the UK.

The chips are very crunchy and crispy, many of them wiggly and wide. A lot of them came through unbroken. One thing about these chips that I loved was the sauciness. It was a thick, powdery, but really saucy taste that I swear, tasted just like a baby back rib barbecue sauce. This is what barbecue chips want to taste like. It was just saucy and tasty, and almost overwhelming. Can’t eat too many in one sitting.

I imagine these would be good coating for fried chicken, and they’re excellent on their own, too. They’re very authentic and stick quite well to their taste. The covering is evenly placed, so you don’t get too many bare chips, either.

8/10- TASTY

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