Treats Done Wright: White Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti/Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies

Whoof! Hey guys; this review is way overdue, so my apologies! However, I have two delightful bakery concoctions to present to you today. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures to share as my camera has not been kind to me lately, but I will try the best I can.

First up: Treats Done Wright’s White Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti
I’m not usually a big biscotti person, mostly due to the fact that I am a crumble-phobic. I hate food-induced messes, and cookie crumbles can be the worst. Thus, I wasn’t sure how I was going to go about reviewing a biscotti mostly due to the fact that biscottis are infamous for being, well, crumbly. Now to be honest, I’m Asian, and thus, my biscotti exposure has been close to none previous to doing this review. I’ve had the little Starbucks biscotti in the prepackaged plastic before, and that is about it. Needless to say, I was not impressed with Starbucks’ biscotti. This biscotti, on the other hand, was a welcome surprise.
Treats Done Wright’s biscotti is a chunky little thing; the portion I received was about three finger widths wide and two thick. However, it’s pretty light. Most of that probably has to do with the non-sugar-heavy-ness of the actual cookie, which I appreciated. Most of the sweetness comes with the white chocolate. Now personally, I’m a pretty big fan of white chocolate, but for those who are not (and I know there are plenty of you), the taste doesn’t make itself all that obvious, but it’s definitely there.
I am really liking the classic pistachio-white chocolate combo. Granted, I’m slightly biased considering that I am a big fan of both pistachio and white chocolate, but according to my 13-year-old little brother (we’ll call him our guest reviewer) who does not have an affinity for either pistacho or white chocolate, found the two elements to compliment each other in a way that creates a different blend of taste, rather than the tastes of white chocolate and pistachio smushed together.
And most importantly to me….minimal crumbling! I was pretty happy with this. The biscotti didn’t have a hard, crackery consistency like I had feared, but was more or less like….well, like it should be: a big, thick cookie with a nice, solid consistency. Be warned, however, that it is very difficult to break the biscotti into little pieces by hand….just take a big bite out of the thing like I did…you won’t be sorry.
I tried the biscotti with a little bit of tea…it doesn’t improve or detract from the taste, although it did make it a little mushier; not my favorite, but if crunchy cookies aren’t your thing, then go for it.

Next up: Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies

I loved this. A lot. Even from first looking at it in its little plastic baggy, I knew this was going to be good…I’m not really sure why considering that it looks just like any other cookie. But considering that these cookies were mailed over from somewhere…not very close to where I live, I was impressed.
I think the thing that captivated me about this cookie was just its small size. I like a big ol’ cookie every now and then like any other person, but as a small, after lunch snack, that’s a little overwhelming. This cookie’s circumference is a little smaller than that of a soda can. Additionally, it doesn’t have that horrible addicting quality to it that, if abused, will probably make me fat. It’s a one shot deal: you eat this little cookie, and you’re satisfied, thinking, ‘Dang…that was a good cookie.’
Now about the cookie itself…I liked it. Its softish texture was especially nice considering that a) it didn’t fall apart in my hands, but didn’t crumble when broken in half, and had a generally pleasant mouthfeel to it, and b) it had been mailed to us. I don’t really know why this gets to me so much, but if a cookie’s delicate consistency can withstand the powers of the United States Postal System, then I am impressed.
I’ve always thought almonds as a white chocolate kind of thing, but that could just be me. The almond has a pretty savory flavor to it that I would think would do best coupled with something sweeter than plain milk chocolate, but this cookie has proved otherwise. The significant thing about this cookie is probably that the almond portions are relatively small (I could only see bits of quarter almond in the cookie) but the chocolate chunks make themselves rather obvious. I think the one complaint I’ll have about this cookie is that the almonds are practically nonexistent…before I had read the packaging (bad idea, by the way), I wasn’t really sure what it was. On the other hand, however, the almond has a fairly strong taste, so any more almond would probably upset the balance between sweet and savory….but a little more almond probably would have made this cookie pretty darn close to perfection.
Admittedly, however, I think the best part of this cookie is basically just how small it is, and how satisfied AND somewhat healthy it makes you feel. I’m kind of liking Treats Done Wright mostly because of this quality…its goods are really quite light in your stomach and satisfy one’s sweet tooth without being too overwhelming. This cookie is no exception.

Vanessa Wright
Treats Made Wright
Well, folks, I’m finally done with school now so I’ll have some more time to go food hunting…stay tuned for more reviews!

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