Buffalo Wild Wings Garlic Parmesan Chicken Flatbread

I went to the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant today with some co-workers. It’s a nice place, new, and has lots of televisions and good deals on wings, like forty cent traditional wings on Tuesdays. We got takeout and took it back to work.

I ordered the garlic parmesan chicken flatbread “pizza” thing. I thought the crust would be much puffier, like a gordita bread, soft, but it was basically a brittle and cracking tortilla wrap with sauce and meat on it. The chicken was a nice, soft white meat, good chicken, sprinkled liberally throughout the pizza. There was enough sauce on it so that everything stuck to the bread without falling off and making a mess.

The flatbread was easy to eat, but was just overbearingly crispy and very dry. The chicken was moist, but the cheese was melted on in such a crispy way that it lost any gooiness of a pizza and was just hard and tough to break through in my mouth. The parmesan garlic sauce was good, a little spicy, and tasty. It was more garlic than parmesan, but was smooth and not chunky or too overbearing.


The french fries were absolutely disgusting. For some reason, every time I go to BWW…sorry. BWW sounds like a bad personal ad. But every time I go there, my food is always a shade lukewarm. The fries were no exception. No fry I got was longer than an inch or an inch and a half and they were skinny and absolutely soggy to the touch.

Each fry was greasy, despite being overly soft and mushy, and had no salt or pepper flavor to speak of. I didn’t even finish half of these fries. They were absolutely awful. If you go to BWW, stick to their Buffalo Chips or sour cream and chive potato wedges.

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  1. I found my new favorite thing at BWW. The parmesan garlic chicken flatbread with jalapenos was fantastic. I order it extra crispy because I like a thin crisp crust. Can’t say I’m crazy about much of the other food, but at least now when my hubby wants big beer Wednesday I get a treat too!

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