Toad-Ally Snax Hanky Panky

Despite sounding like an underground and illicit pleasure, this snack is not bad at all. It’s advertised as chocolate drizzled popcorn with peanuts.

It’s definitely chocolate drizzled. Each piece of popcorn is neatly drizzled with no clumps of chocolate, creating a nice and even selection and covering. The chocolate is just a mockolate, but makes a good attempt to not have that cheap, coconutty taste of mockolate, but a nice, creamy taste. It goes well with the popcorn.

Speaking of the popcorn, it’s nice, and not clumped. The caramel is a very faint feeling, and I think that without the chocolate, this would not be a very good stand-alone snack. I’m not sure that if you told me there was caramel, I’d have been able to recognize it.

And as far as peanuts go, I don’t even want to know where they went. With a name like Hanky Panky, they could be anywhere. But they’re not in this bag at all. No peanuts. Not even a shred.

So it was a good snack, but for lack of accuracy and packaging that lies and utter perversion, the grade must go down.

5/10- YUMMY

One thought on “Toad-Ally Snax Hanky Panky”

  1. If you advertise that peanuts are in the mix shouldn’t there be peanuts in the mix. Bought 2 bags and not one peanut in either!

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