Wise Honey BBQ (With cheese) Cheese Curls

Cheese is an underrated delicacy, often delegated to the garnish position or simply a topping. Think about it. You see pasta with parmesan on top. A ham sandwich with a lonely American single oozing out of the top. It just ain’t fair.

Wise Honey BBQ (with cheese) cheese curls stands completely true to this point. They’re honey BBQ curls, so one would expect the traditional phallic cheese curl shape, with a honey barbecue flavoring. Wise is different. They’ve taken that, but blended it with the cheese flavoring, taking all the glory and fame from the mighty cheese curl, that rare food that features cheese, and turns it into another flash in the pan barbecue mess.

But cheese knows. Cheese knew from the moment they saw the damned bee on the package, in his bling and sunglasses and hip purple tunic, planning out a new curl. Cheese means mice on the package. Mice mean the bee loses his job and slick honey spreader. So the bee got clever, and planned a curl that featured honey BBQ. To take the fame from cheese.

Cheese is clever, though, and that’s why, in the bag, these cheese curls taste like cheese, with a slight hint of barbecue. Not barely enough to be considered a flavor, much less a prominent, glossy-fonted one. The flavor is interesting, though, like a nice spicy cheese taste. The brittleness of the puffs are from the cheese’s anger, curdled by the rage towards the bee, making each puff feel like a nice bite of cheesy broken glass.

The curls are plentiful, because the cheese must multiply and prosper, and bring down the bee. So there are enough to share. Just remember. Cheese is pissed. Don’t fuck with the cheese.


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