Updates and how I can spy.

Readers, I SEE YOU. Thanks to my new Wowzio widget, that is.

So here’s a question, you sneaky lurkers, you. I have a child conundrum. They’re not my kids, they’re the kids of my father’s girlfriend. And I want to have a lot of fun with them this weekend, so I told them we’d make peanut butter.

Let’s take it one step further, though. What other recipes can I make with a two and four year old that will drive them bananas and think I’m the coolest?

Comment freely! I don’t bite.


One thought on “Updates and how I can spy.”

  1. oreo truffles!! have the kids crush the cookies & smoosh in the cream cheese, you can di them 😉 or try one of the various no-bake cereal based bars, those always turn out yummy AND you can use the homemade PB that you’ll be making in them!

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