Choco Banana Pocky

Look. Let me get one thing straight. I hate weeaboos. I hate the Wapanese. I am not racist…okay, maybe internet racist, but I hate the people that run around spouting phrases like “kawaii” and calling people “Foodette-san” or “chan” and making eyes like this >

Hi, I’m Jess, and I guess I’m racist.

But I love bananas. Possibly more than I hate Wapanese. If that makes any sense at all. So while browsing at my local Asian grocery, the same one that Swagger (who is legit, straight-up Asian, yo) and I went to, this exotic looking treat was too much to pass up, especially for a buck fifty. Even if it does scream poser.

This particular product, made by Glico, the pocky overlords, boasts a creamy banana flavor with swirls of milk chocolate. I had to test it. One thing the Japanese have completely mastered is constructive packaging. Here’s another pet peeve of mine. The environment. I don’t care. Glico doesn’t, either. And we work together wonderfully. They’ve included, in the lovely box, two packages of pocky so package two doesn’t get stale while you’re eating the first one.

The sticks are nice and slender, with an even coating. A part of it is uncoated so it doesn’t melt all over your fingers and make them sticky-icky. The flavor was pure banana, and the chocolate was in just the right amount, like the coating on a chocolate covered banana. It was delicious.

What I like best about pocky is that it’s rich without being too high calorically. It’s tasty and elegant, but not too bad on the tummy, too. A good snack. Even if you’re not a weeaboo.

9/10- YUMMY

2 thoughts on “Choco Banana Pocky”

  1. i loveee pocky!!! but not banana yuck lol
    i didn’t know they had this stuff all over i have to go to the Japanese food market just to find it here. My grandma used to always have it in the house when we were little. I’m only a fan of the plain chocolate one lol

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