Miss Munchie’s Pretzels

I got another package today, from Miss Munchie. She’s out of New York and makes delicious soft pretzels and pretzel bread, as well as cookies! She sent me a sampler of nibblers and some of her cookies.

I also broke up with Food, so from hereon out, we will not be seeing hide nor hair of him, as he is a jerk and has bad taste in food. Shun him with awful baked goods! Shun!

Anyhow, back to reviews. The first nibbler I tried was a sesame. I couldn’t taste the sesames at all, and the pretzel tasted heavily of yeast and not much else. It was very tiny, perfect to pop in your mouth and eat, but the flavor baffled me. The texture is something a little harder than a soft pretzel, but more akin to the consistency of a ciabatta bread.

3/10- OKAY

Nibbler #2 was a poppy seed, and there was very little cell wall definition in this one, either. There were very little air bubbles and the yeasty taste was quite overpowering. I did taste a few more poppy seeds in this one, and it was a good mix of salty and savory.

4/10- GOOD

Moving onto the sweet set, I tried the cinnamon and sugar nibbler. It was a little wet, and the texture was the same, more crumbly than bready like your average soft pretzel. The topping was heavy on the sugar and cinnamon, but for some reason, just tasted very salty with subtle undertones of cinnamon.

3/10- HMMM
The last one I tried was the plain, which was better than the other three. It had a nic, buttery taste and had a significantly higher amount of cell wall definition. I’m using this term, it basically means the density of the air bubbles in a bread product, how the yeast works. Anyhow, it was better with taste than the others and texture, much softer and less crumbly.

6/10- GREAT

The last thing I was sent was the famous chocolate chipper of Miss Munchie’s, a delicious chocolate chip cookie. The cookie was smooth and tasty, with many chocolate chips and a nice, buttery flavor. The edges were crispy and the middle was nice and soft, with none of the cookie crumbling or brittle. My only complaint was that the underside of each cookie was a little too burnt for my liking, but aside from that, we have a winner.

5/10- TASTY

Miss Munchie

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