Snapple Diet Peach Green Tea

I tried this tea late last night, after a hastily prepared chicken sandwich and a hot walk outside. I was looking forward to a refreshing, cool, and tasty beverage. All I got from this was the cold. And that was from an effort entirely of my own, as a result of refrigerating it prior.

This drink was just gross. Everyone has had canned peaches or fruit before, right? There’s always that residue of sugary, thick syrup at the bottom of the can that you either incorporate into a recipe or throw out. It appears that the Snapple company has made alliances with the canned fruit industry to take that syrup juice or whatever you call it and simply bottle it for their own profit.

The result is a sickly-sweet, thick liquid that refreshes less than it coats the throat. It’s too saccharine to drink more than a sip or two, and if there’s any peach flavor, I couldn’t find it. The dominant taste was of concentrated green tea and goop. Not a fan. Never will be. If this is the diet version, I hate to try what the sugared kind is like.

1/10- YUCK

One thought on “Snapple Diet Peach Green Tea”

  1. I have had the non-diet version of this beverage, I quite enjoyed it. I suspect that maybe I should give you one of the non-diet version of it. Not only do I think that it tastes quite light, but you can certainly taste the peach in it.

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