Kraft Oreo Brownie

This brownie was eaten in a movie theatre. It boasts Oreo pieces, like in the photo, but lacks them. It looks just like a regular brownie, come to think of it.

If you like thick brownies, this is a good treat for you. It’s a pretty chewy, cake-like brownie. It tastes thick and cakey but doesn’t crumble all over the place. I’m not sure how this is accomplished, but it manages to keep the taste of Oreo without actually having a large amount of Oreo chunks to begin with. If there were any, I really didn’t taste them. The brownie encompasses six good-sized mouthfuls. It was good, just not great. I wasn’t impressed or excited. It was just an average brownie with a gourmet price tag of $2.50.

4/10- MEH

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