Deli Manjoo

Here’s a funky little treat for New Yorkers in Chinatown. It’s called Deli Manjoo. It’s a Korean-based company that makes fresh cakes in front of you to eat. It’s probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever encountered.

Everyone loves Twinkies, but hates how cheap they are. These are the gourmet answer to a Twinkie. The cake is just a little more dense, the cream isn’t that fake whipped cream bullshit, it’s custard, and best of all, they’re bite-sized for easy eating.

The price is upsettingly inexpensive, too. At $2 for 8 cakes, it’s just impossible to pass up. They’re able to be ordered in walnut and plain.

I got mine plain. When eaten hot, the cake was lovely. Not too sweet, which served as the perfect pair to the sweet, thick custard. It was chewy and dense, like a pound cake. They’re adorable, too, like the poor man’s petit four, and are shaped like little ears of corn. The custard was hot and gooey and gushed out of the cake, but was still very tasty. Eat these with milk. You’ve been warned.

Cold, they’re good. Cake is still very dense and not mushy in the least. And the cream has solidified so you can eat it in a more portable fashion. A great and cheap little treat for the road!

8/10- LOVELY

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