Teriyaki Doritos

Another chip flavor in my J-List package, this one happens to be from Doritos, in a teriyaki flavor.

The bag of chips borders on being industrial strength in tenacity. I had to cut it open. That’s bad for a snack bag. If I were on the train and moving, or walking somewhere where I just needed a snack, I don’t want to have to ask for help or look for a sharp object to open a damned bag of chips.

The Doritos are of a normal size, perhaps a smidge smaller than their American counterparts. Beware, when you open this bag. These smell horrendous. Almost smelly enough to turn me off them completely, but I tried them and the taste is much better than the scent.

I’m not sure if I’d classify these as teriyaki. I guess one could, because they’re sweet and salty, but I don’t taste the soy sauce. If anything, it’s more of a barbecue taste, like a sweet honey barbecue. The Doritos from Japan have a much more intense corn flavor to them than the regular, which I like and don’t like at the same time. On one hand, the proportions are different, giving a very crispy, almost sembei-like texture to the chips, with a sweet corn flavor as an aftertaste, but on the other hand, the corn flavor really takes us away from the teriyaki, and if the flavor is billed as teriyaki, I don’t know why there isn’t more of a flavor.

They’re good chips, and quite addictive at that. I like them.

7/10- NICE

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