Bittersweet Men’s Pocky

Swagger came by for the weekend and had a nice visit and left us food for weeaboos- dark chocolate bittersweet men’s Pocky.

We’re not entirely sure why this Pocky is just for men. Probably because it has a darker chocolate on it that might not appeal to those with sweet teeth. Maybe because it has trace amounts of hormones and bull semen for that extra muscular taste. The cracker has a salty, pretzel taste that mingles with the dark chocolate like an interracial party at a dance club. Either way, Pocky is damned good.

I’d been craving a snack I could eat in bed with. There’s not a lot of space in our dorm, so we have to eat and work in the same spaces. These are clean to eat, no crumbs or little messy bits, and you can literally overdose on these without worrying about your figure. There are at least twenty to a package, and two packages in a box. Eight grams of fat, two hundred calories. Damned delicious. More filling than a candy bar, and the ratio of biscuit to chocolate makes you think you’re eating more chocolate.

It’s edible mind control!

From the exquisitely cryptic Engrish, “Stick to fun!” on the bag, to the masculine package, this is a phenomenal snack. So, men who are keeping their figures slim, women who want to be men, and CIA members, eat this. It “brings a whole new flavor to fun.”

8/10- MMMM!

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