J.B. Dough Bread Adventure #1

Oy. Today I made my first loaf of homemade bread.

It was from a package, (and beware, this is a series of 12) of bread dough from J.B. Dough company. They were extremely friendly and sent me all this bread, and today, I had some free time and decided to try my hand at it.

Ha ha. Get it? Hand? There I am, kneading the bread. I’m kneading it in an ice tray stolen from the community kitchen. In front of our window. In my dorm room.

It’s sitting on the shelf now, rising.

The view from our dorm. Some kids brew moonshine or grow weed, The Foodette bakes bread.

When I baked this, these were my potholders. Please, someone send me potholders.

Otherwise…this will happen. I still can’t quite fathom that I got a third-degree burn on my finger and yet took a photo of it before I washed it off. It’s a little pathetic and makes me worry just a little.

There’s the bread, in the oven. On the tin foil that I bummed off the dining hall in place of a pan. If someone were to send me cooking supplies, I would be most indebted.

Beauty shots of the delicious, delicious bread.

It looked so pretty.

All my friends ate the bread and we had a bread and Nutella eating party. It was the shit.

They loved it! We ate most of the loaf.

Bread and Nutella…Mmmmmm!

Your Foodette. Eating the Nutella off the knife. I AM NOT PRETTY.

The bread was really great. It had excellent cell wall definition, was puffy and tasty, and had a buttery flavor without any toppings on it. It came out crispy and had a good crust. Overall, an awesome experience.

8/10- SUPER!

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