Bueno y Sano- Amherst, MA

Beware. I’ve been doing many positive reviews lately, so if you’ve been inclined to send mushrooms or something else vaguely disgusting, send them now.

I had the best meal of my life yesterday. I might murder a human so that when I go on death row, I can request two of these.

These are in reference to the barbecue chicken quesadillas at Bueno y Sano, an authentic Mexican restaurant in the center of Amherst. These are no ordinary quesadillas. This, my friends, is the sheer embodiment of the Mexican rebuttal to…a pizza.

But first, let me prolong the anticipation by telling you about the soft taco I had for a small appetizer, the chickpea and red curry soft taco. It was very tasty, and the peas were firm, not at all mushy, but very clearly cooked. Unfortunately, I didn’t taste as much curry as I would have liked, and tasted more of a “generic Mexican red sauce” than anything else. The taco came with lettuce, tomato, onion, all of which I scraped off, cilantro, and the finest, smoothest cheese I’ve ever tasted. It was so tiny, I thought it was well-packed rice. It was amazing and cold and wonderful.

6/10- GREAT

And then, the masterpiece, the barbecue chicken quesadilla. The sauce is homemade. The chicken is tender. The tortilla is crispy.

There is really only one way to make this. This has to be the messiest, most amazing food you’ve ever eaten. You are morally obligated to wear the sauce stains like blood on your white-collared shirt, and then the world will know that you are a proud, proud foodie.

So you take this quesadilla. You admire it. You smear it with sour cream, and then with hot sauce, and you eat it. Sauce runs down your fingers. It gets on your face. It stains the hardwood beer pong table you’re sitting at. And nothing really makes your happier. It’s carnal. It’s delicious.

10/10- OBSCENE

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