Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Chipotle Hazelnuts

I’m rather addicted to these. Amherst has spoiled me because they’ve placed a Trader Joe’s not ten minutes from campus by car, as opposed to Branford where the closest one is roughly 30 minutes away. So now I can go to TJ’s all I want and buy their wonderfully overpriced food and gorge on samples.

I’m definitely nuts about these. Ha ha. They’re chocolate-covered hazelnuts, a portable version of Nutella, but with a touch of chipotle heat and cocoa powder on the outside. I think the best thing about these is that if you’re a girly wimp like me, it’s masochistic portion control. If you eat too many of these, your tastebuds will go bye-bye and then you’ll be fucked. With these, they’re sweet, but spicy enough to hurt just a little. It’s definitely a good hurt.

The hazelnut is really creamy and crunchy inside, and the dark chocolate is of an extremely high quality. They’re an excellent candy. If I had any complaints, it would be that the cocoa powder is messy, and I live in a dorm, so like to eat things in bed. These are not a bedtime food. It leaves a residue. Not a bad one, necessarily, but enough to make me stop typing and wipe my hands on my roommate’s towels. (Just kidding.)


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