Fun with Google Analytics!

Never fear, the review will be up tonight. Just thought I’d indulge you a little bit with some funnier lines.

-“nibbler 2” eat each other
Oh my god, this is not a website for cock-fighting or vorephilia.


-does ramen noodles have adhesive on them?
That’s an awful question. I’m trying to figure out what this means. Adhesive? They’re more useful as an adhesive than a food product. Uh, maybe?

-gorditas porn

-how to dissect coconat brittle
Your science teacher is definitely on acid.

-how to make pure spring water
Go to sink. Turn on tap. Stick head in oven.

-iceland medium cheddar
Eeeeeeeew. Cheese water? Really?

For all of my readers, this isn’t Twitter. It’s Foodette Fucking Reviews.

-taco bell slimy chicken
Eeeeeeeew, why do you guys type this stuff?

-wang aloe dream juice
The perfect counterpart to the semen cookbook.

-what is the motto for entenmann’s

One thought on “Fun with Google Analytics!”

  1. “does ramen noodles have adhesive on them?”

    Almost certainly a reference to their propensity towards sticking together out of the package. i.e. we hit them hard or with a hammer or something to break up the noodles before cooking/microwaving. The answer to this is almost certainly no. Some natural adhesive-like ingredient fulfills this purpose.

    “what is the motto for entenmann’s”

    I am a long time customer and do not know of one. They are a company seemingly ever popular. Products always in demand. Why advertise? However, I googled for their website and on their main page is this quote:

    “Everyone’s got a favorite. What’s yours?”

    -The Brownie Whisperer

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