Every time I see Whoppers, I feel like I’ve been craving them for years and that it’s the perfect thing to sate my hunger and chocolate craving. Not Whopper, the burger, mind you, but Whoppers, as in, the malted milk balls.

Essentially, these are the poor man’s Aero bars. They’re fluffy, crunchy, and sometimes have a propensity for cutting your mouth open. Mmmm! Delicious! The malted flavor is not very strong at all. I tend to like a strong flavor, as I’m used to delicious homemade chocolate malted shakes with a heaping tablespoon of malt powder, but what do I know? The chocolate is pretty crappy. It’s mockolate, with artificial flavors. It’s waxy and doesn’t melt well in your mouth and essentially provides a mere buffer for the crunchy malt.

They’re not that great. Save yourself the next time you crave these and go get something better. I liked it when Hershey’s had these in their Twosome collection, with more chocolate, real chocolate, and tinier malt bites, like little B.Bs from the guns. But alas, like all good product, that was to be discontinued. Another day, Hershey…another day.

3/10- LAME

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