Japanese Mayonnaise Potato Pringles

I just got a box of items from J-List and am too excited to share them with you! The first item is a Pringles treat, that’s advertised as a mayonnaise potato flavor. The box is nothing special, just your standard Pringles tube.

Well, I’ve never had mayonnaise on my potatoes before. In fact, I can’t stand it. But this was so strange it just begged to be tried. When you open the can, you get an extremely strong scent of paprika. The chips aren’t red, they just smell like paprika to the highest degree.

The first thing you notice when eating these Pringles is that they’re about eight hundred times as crispy as our Pringles. They taste like Pringles deep fried, or Pringles that have taken a walk in the Sahara and gotten sunburnt. The taste of these is nice and mild, but with a slight spicy burn in the back of your throat after you rest from eating.

I don’t taste much mayonnaise, but I do taste a tang, and I definitely taste potatoes from the flavor of the chip! I’m not too impressed with these. I’d have liked to try them when they weren’t all crunched up, but for a first impression, not bad at all. They definitely beat out American Pringles, which I detest, in that there’s so much more flavor on these than the US ones.

6/10- ALL RIGHT.

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