Crispy Husky Bar

Here’s a review of a bar that reminds me of my ex-boyfriend. It’s flaky, unreliable, and tastes vaguely waxy.

This bar also happens to be from the college at which he matriculates, UConn, but is from a much more awesome source, my good friend Swagger. What’s this? Why, it’s a Husky Bar, one of the many flavors made by Munson’s, a local chocolate company, to support our state university, UConn, and their famous team mascot, the Huskies.

This is a really hefty bar, at 2 and 1/4 ounces, and is pretty tasty. The squares are really thick and it’s hard to put away an entire bar in one sitting. The chocolate is all right. It’s not Chocolove, it’s not Coco-luxe. It’s meh. It’s a rich, waxy chocolate with a strange mouthfeel and interesting inner coating. It leaves a grainy, healthy aftertaste, like my ex-boyfriend but is, in fact, not very healthy at all. A symmetry boggles over a snag.

I will say that I did love the crispy bits in the bar. They added a nice texture to the bar and were consistently present and not overwhelming or stabbalicious like Captain Crunch.

Oh, PS, it’s my 19th birthday. Huzzuh!

5/10- GOOD

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