Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Conbinations: Chicken and Turkey

I want to point out that I tried this last night, pre-Yom Kippur, and am fasting for the day in observance. Just sayin’. And that I’m aware that this is the wrong photo, but bah, they’re all stock photos any how!

This is, essentially, a glorified Lunchables for adults. But better. It contained crackers, chicken and ham, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, and a small candy. I didn’t expect the candy and it was freaking Milka. A Milka bar, the likes of which I can never get, in a damned Lunchable for adults. It was awesome.

So onto the lunch. There is something inherently fun about stacking and making your own lunch, like in a sushi roll or an assembly line. The chicken and turkey are both rather wet, and required drying off. I rarely enjoy meat that has been packed in water, so that was a bit of a turn off. However, this was quelled once I ate them.

Each sandwich was substantial, making eight total for me to eat. The chicken was good, but the turkey was either smoked or secretly ham, because it tasted and smelled like ham but definitely was not. It was awfully strange. Regardless, they pack a good amount of stuff into such a small box. I liked how the meat was sliced and natural, but at the same time I craved those little turkey frisbees in the kid’s Lunchables, solely for the continuity in size and the fact that you got some of it in every bite. Which brings me onto the cheese. The swiss cheese was mild and delicious, with just a hint of a bite, and was square-shaped so as to cover the entire cracker and underlying meat piece.

The cheddar, though, was inexplicably half the size of the swiss piece, perhaps a tiny bit thicker. It provided much less coverage and although sharper, just had less flavor and creaminess to it than the cheddar. Granted, neither of these are “cheese” and are “cheese products,” but are still good. I just wish the cheddar had been…better, if you’ll excuse the rhyme.

Overall, though, this was a really substantial and tasty lunch. I enjoyed the creation, and the little Milka bar at the end was phenomenal. I would have liked to have a spread, and perhaps another flavor of crackers in the mix, but for a $3 lunch pack, it was not bad by any means.
7/10- LOVELY

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