Kim and Scott’s Gourmet Pizza Pretzel

Le sigh. My expectations were definitely too high for these pretzels.

I might have screwed them up, though. Because I have a tiny, awful dorm fridge, I put these in the fridge part, closest to the freezer so they’d freeze. I took one out of the package, and was met with a huge whiff of garlic and oregano. Yummy!

I microwaved it for 30 seconds instead of 50, because it was thawed and I didn’t want it to leak or explode or get gummy. I should have done it for the full time. The sauce was cold on the inside, but it was still pretty tasty. Unfortunately, the pretzel promised cheese and sauce, and all I got was a good sauce, but no cheese.

If this pretzel has more cheese that blended with the sauce and didn’t dominate, it would definitely get a higher rating. That being said, though, I’ll definitely try more of these pretzels! They’re awesome.

5/10- GOOD

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