Candy Corn Dots

I know these have been oft reviewed since their debut a few weeks ago in Target stores, but I saw them and was pretty excited to try eating them.

They’re dot shaped and sized, like normal dots, but are candy corn colored. The odd thing is that they don’t have the little dot on the top, the white tip part. But they are a pumpkin orange color and yellow on the bottoms.

The dots taste a lot like candy corn, but with a little more artificial taste, like fake butter. They’re chewy and have a good bite to them, not like gum drops but a little firmer. I like them a lot. I’m just not sure if I’d eat more than a few in one sitting. They’re not that kind of snack.

Overall, they’re a really fun Halloween treat. There’s a scarecrow on the box and it’s a nice touch than some of the holiday repackaging that other candies and snacks do.

6/10 NICE

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