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Back on another run from Etsy sellers, here’s a selection of cookies from the Cookie Cutter Cafe, out of Nashville, Tennessee. They sent me a good sized box stuffed with all different flavors of cookies! So here they are, up for review.

The first cookie I tried was an orange chocolate cookie, a nice chocolate cookie with orange extract, sprinkles, and a chocolate dot on top. Unfortunately, this cookie was a little bland for my tastes. I love the combination of orange and chocolate, and the flavors just seemed to cancel each other out. The cookie’s texture was nice and crisp, but the flavors just didn’t impress me as much as I thought they would.


The next cookie was easily one of the best cookies I have ever consumes, and that was the gingersnap. I also ought to mention that the packaging on these is lovely! They’re all done individually with a CCC logo sticker on the back, in plastic covering so you can see the cookie’s contents. Back to the gingersnap. The cookies in this selection very so greatly in texture, but this was the best of them all. The cookie had a snap to it but was chewy and crumbly and soft, and was really delicious, with a sweet ginger taste and a buttery flavoring. Really good cookies, and the perfect size, too!


One of the most unusual cookies I’ve ever had was in this selection, too, and that was the red velvet chili cookie. It was a dark red, like the cake, but smelled cinnamony and chili-like, and made a really fascinating flavor. I liked how they didn’t just use a chocolate cookie with chili, but incorporated an eye-popping red velvet. This is a soft and chubby cake-like cookie, and I prefer how the flavors worked with a soft cookie rather than a hard one. It’s definitely one of the most interesting cookies I’ve ever had, with the juxtaposition of the cocoa in the cookie batter and the hot chili, it was a really interesting cookie.

7/10- GREAT

One of the other cookies they packed in, I really didn’t want to eat because it was so cute! That was the frosted heart sugar cookie. Sometimes when people frost cookies, it looks like it’s been done with a precise machine, and other times you feel like you’re eating a cookie your mom could have made, but better done and free of scrutiny for caloric intake. 😉 This is that cookie. It’s a delicate, fluffy, big heart-shaped sugar cookie, with red frosting on top with knife marks where it was handspread. Ladies and gentlemen, the epitome of care. I loved that. It was a really nice touch to see where someone else had put their mark on it. And the cookie was delicious! The only bit of scrutiny I might have was that the frosting tasted a little chemically from the dye, but nothing else. A good cookie!

8/10- MMMMM!

The last cookie in the selection was a lemon sugar cookie. It had a sugar cookie base, with a tart lemon icing and some powdered sugar dusting the top. The cookie was good, nice and crumbly and moist, but the lemon flavoring was a little overpowering and was just too much for me. I like tart things, but think that these could have used a little more sugar. It was just a rather overpowering flavor. The texture was nice, but I liken these to a tart lemonade than a sugar cookie.


Cookie Cutter Cafe is located in Nashville, Tennessee, and all of these items and more can be purchased from their website,

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