Oscar Mayer Deli Creations: Honey Ham and Swiss

With my last failure at creating a deli creation, I set about doing this the right way.

With the Turkey Monterey, which I will review soon, I had ambivalence about microwaving and chose to eat the bread raw with the toppings. Big mistake. Stupid, stupid mistake. It was crumbly and gross and got crap all over my desk.

So this time, I figured I’d do it right, and took it downstairs to the kitchen to microwave. What I ended up doing took a little more work than the average slap-it-together and eat sandwich, but made the product taste better. I hope that’s not cheating. I took the cheese and sandwiched it in the bread, microwaved for thirty seconds, and then flipped it over and microwaved for another twenty. Took it out, the cheese was all melty, and put a little mayo and mustard on, then the ham, and sandwiched it together and ate it.

First observation was that the bread was eons better than the last sandwich. Not crumbly, a little toasty, a little crispy, and much more buttery. The ham is always amazing. It’s like delicious meat paper, as Heat Eat Review said, and there’s so freaking much of it. I like to fold my slices in half and just pile them onto the sandwich. The cheese was gooey, but lost a lot of its flavor in the process. That might have been because it was less fat, but I can’t tell. Either way, it could have used more sharpness.

My biggest complaint is that the mustard was completely overpowering and spicy. I only put about 1/3 of the packet on and it still managed to be the dominant flavor in the sandwich. It was bad at some parts, too. Very grainy and seedy. The sandwich is honey ham and swiss, not mustardwich. I would have liked a small packet of honey mustard or perhaps just honey to put on the sandwich. Aside from that, not bad at all.

6/10- EH.

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