Fudgenmore’s Second Round

Hello, everyone. I got some new treats- delicious fudge and a bonus from Fudgenmore! She sent them to me in the exact type of packaging that she sells at fairs. They looked really yummy and I was too excited to try them!

The first fudge I tried was a mint chocolate fudge. Now, this rating is definitely a parable to the readers and also a preamble, stating that it is probably my fault that this happened, but DO NOT LET THIS FUDGE MELT. Unfortunately, the mint extract oozes out and separates from the mix, making some bites very intensely mint and some without mint at all. This also makes it very oily, so don’t do what I did! Bad Foodette! Bad!

7/10- NICE

The next fudge was a butterscotch fudge, very rich and buttery with nutty notes. I liked the complexity of this flavor, but at times, it tended to be a little too rich for me, so I could only eat a little in one sitting. Perhaps that’s not a bad thing, though, being that I’m on a diet on all. Regardless, this is delicious. I’d like to see the flavor spiced up with chocolate chips or pretzel bits, though, for a change in the texture as well as a little more flavorful oomph. Another great fudge.

6/10- TASTY

The last selection was not a fudge, but rather, one of my guiltiest pleasures- mock toffee. It’s the Southern version of my mother’s chocolate toffee matzah, and this particular toffee was made with Saltines, chocolate, and pecans. I love pecans. The crunchiness of the toffee and the chocolatey coating made it amazing. I love how chewy the toffee gets, and how messy and fun the treat, as a whole, can get. Definitely a must try if you’ve never had it before!

7/10- LOVELY

Again, fudgenmore’s treats can be ordered on etsy, through her website, fudgenmore.etsy.com

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