Marichael’s Gluten-Free Snacks

Apologies for the lack of post yesterday, I had a minor altercation. So I had another chance to try gluten-free treats and I wanted to see if these, like the others I’ve tried, were similar to those and as good.

Lately, as you know, I’ve been doing meal substitutes for breakfast, eating healthier breakfast foods and putting in more whole grains and natural foods into my diet. So it was only natural that these made it to the top of my breakfast menu in the morning! Marichael’s foods are gluten-free and organic.

The first selection I had was in the morning, a Sunrise Bar featuring almonds, dried cranberries, punpkin seeds, and sesame seeds, among other things. I loved the flavor of the almonds, but what really brought it together was the addition of the almond extract. It really made it taste marzipan-y and like a dessert. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to taste any cranberries, which was a shame because I felt like the flavors would have gone well together. Overall, the bar was nice and chewy, had a good toasted flavor from the sesame and pumpkin seeds and a nice texture with the bran and other ingredients.

7/10- LOVELY

They also sent over a banana nut chocolate chip muffin. I saw this and I saw the texture, and I was really pleased. It was fluffy and tasty, but the walnuts in it were massive. This, for me, really screwed up the texture and overall integrity of the muffin, because the chunks disturbed the balance of the chocolate chips and the fluffy banana batter. They were like road blocks, to the point where I just pulled apart the muffin, took them out, and ate the batter part separately.

5/10- OKAY

The last selection was a really pleasant surprise, some chocolate chip cookies. By the way, all of these were packaged in little Chinese take-out boxes, and you guys know how much I love those! The chocolate chip cookies were really light and crispy, not crunchy like some cookies, but likened to a meringue. Seriously. They really fell apart in my mouth and tasted absolutely stupendous. The semi-sweet chocolate chips were really great to encounter amidst the lightness of the cookie base.

8/10- GOOOOOD!

You can buy any of these products and more homemade goodies, like bread and cookies, at Marichael’s website,

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