Decadence German Chocolate Cheesecake (in a jar)

I was sent a six-pack of cheesecakes, unusual cheesecakes at that, by Decadence Cheesecakes, based out of Colorado. These are miniature, single-serving cheesecakes and they’re stored in a jar. It’s like pudding cups meeting cheesecake. All desserts should really be like this. You can get all sorts of flavors and there’s the perfect portion, so you’re not reaching for two or three slices!

This particular cheesecake is a German Chocolate flavor, and if you all watch Throwdown on the Food network, you know that German Chocolate isn’t actually German, but the surname of the man who invented it. Fun fact. Anyhow, onto the cheesecake. The first thing you notice is the layer of coconut-pecan frosting on top, more of a glaze than anything else. I was surprised to find very little pecans in the glaze, but the coconut flavor was rather sublime, when tasted alone. The cheesecake part is a chocolate cheesecake, and it’s delicious but tends to engulf the nutty and coconut flavor subtleties.

The crust is lovely, also chocolate, which again, tends to get overwhelmed and blend together with the chocolate, but there are wonderful slivers of pecans floating around in there, and those are just phenomenal. Overall, this is an excellent, gourmet dessert with the added bonus of being available any time one should crave cheesecake, like I did, at 10:45 at night.


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