Decadence Key Lime Cheesecake

I’ve hit a serious rock bottom here. This blog and these treats have become the highlight of my evenings, now. I need to go clubbing or have drunken sex or something, people. Seriously.

Anyhow, onto this little cheesecake. Again, I cannot emphasize how lovely the portions are. This particular cheesecake is quite filling because of its creaminess. I love that the cheesecakes aren’t simply flavored by their key flavor, but also contain components that their non-cheesecake dessert counterparts would have, like the coconut and caramel glaze on last night’s cheesecake, and the little meringue topping on this one.

The lime flavor is fresh! But not so sour that it makes the creaminess bitter and curdled. The crust is an almond biscotti crust, and there are hints of an almond-like flavor, but they tend to get lost within the intensity of the lime. The meringue goes well on top, though, and makes for a really creamy flavor.

7/10- MMMM!

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