Annie’s Rice Pasta and Cheddar

Today is just a good day to celebrate being an adult. What’s that, you ask? Well, over my carefully prepared lunch of gluten-free Easy Ma-er, Annie’s Rice Pasta and Cheddar in individual cups, I’ll tell you. It all started this morning, when I woke up after a mild-mannered evening of Thai food, Riesling, and more backepisodes of Pokemon than I care to mention, with the Bedfellow. I woke up realizing that not only had I planned early enough to get some early notes done for class that morning, but that I’d also spent the better part of the evening cleaning my floors and ranting about party etiquette. Why don’t people know how to RSVP? Adult problems, people.

In class, I received my first grade of the semester on a brilliantly-written memo, following in the traditions of so many attorneys before me in denying a hypothetical employee recovery for intentional infliction of emotional distress. And I did well! Really well, actually, affirming not the belief that I am indeed, smart, but the more important knowledge that other people are not as adept in this particular scenario. Thank god. Terror aside, I skipped to my car, noting the myriad of scratches left by my careless neighbors on mopeds who can’t seem to park. Would a non-adult wait for two hours at Pep Boys to get her bumper fixed? I think not.

Home again at last, I finally cracked open the box of Annie’s that I found, maturely passing over caramel-chocolate-biscotti flavored gelato for, and discovered activities. So many of them! While heating up the rice noodles, I decided to cut out a finger puppet for myself. And that’s when I had an identity crisis. Also, a bleeding crisis. The Annie’s package cleverly included a waiver stating, ‘please get a grown-up to help you,’ and after reading that I was like, ‘Please, I’m a grown-up! I just bought renter’s insurance,’ and went ahead cutting.

Long story short, I cut myself and now cannot sue. Instead, I chose to publicly humiliate myself on the internet, which, if you sue because you cut your finger with safety scissors on a children’s cardboard finger puppet, would basically happen anyway. 

Annie’s Mac is delicious, albeit a little gloopier than the non-GF brands. A little extra water thinned the sauce out, though, and made it much more palatable. With lunches like this, I find that they make better and easier bases than they do stand-alone dishes, so despite the very mild cheddar flavor, it was quickly livened with a slug of hot sauce and some cooked, shredded chicken I had in the refrigerator. This will definitely be a staple of many important business and late-night meals to come. In conclusion, adults.

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