Casco Bay Butter Salted Caramel

It’s funny how people change! You brace yourself for your daily panic attack in the middle of Whole Foods due to the bar exam, and it turns out the bar exam isn’t the source of the panic at all. What a pleasant surprise. Counterpoint: it’s because at checkout, the twee container of salted caramel butter you’ve just purchased, alongside four single-serving bagel triads (that is correct) and alcohol, has rung up for $7.00.

Maybe I don’t know what people are like, or maybe I haven’t checked my Google Analytics account in a long time, but perhaps you’re all butter magnates. Maybe it’s normal to spend 8% of your grocery bill on agitated cream and a picture of a cow. Maybe you married the heiress to Land-O-Lakes. But I fainted and I woke up to dreadlocks in my face, and normally, that’s not how I like to wake up.13844080_10208264144136260_988679304_o Continue reading “Casco Bay Butter Salted Caramel”

Sign of the Whale, Stamford, CT

Before the Bar (BTB) the Bedfellow and I really, really liked to go to late-afternoon brunch, early morning breakfast noshes, daylight bagels chewed after a few seconds under the broiler. Doesn’t matter. N’importe quoi. Breakfast, the cheap bastion of uniform awakening, is my preferred meal of choice. And all the better if there’s a little alcohol involved. Nowadays I wake up like a normal person, I grab whatever I had the night before. That’s not proper, that’s not where my heart lies. There’s no place in that palate-awakening moment for leftover sushi or a half-cold slice of pizza. 20160424_133025 Continue reading “Sign of the Whale, Stamford, CT”