Bar Snacks #2: 21st Amendment Toaster Pastry + Dugges Bryggeri Syrligt

Guys, can I work forever?

> capitalism nods its head.

I am willfully omitting the fact that I came home on Friday at 7PM, fell asleep at 715, and did not wake up until Saturday at 10AM. My body, arbitrary rules! I love work, though. I think I’ve mentioned that. I’m rounding the middle of week two and I am still filled with a passionately irritating energy. Bar prep is improving even though Kaplan has socked me with my two least favorite topics first, property and evidence. It’s not unlike being on Fear Factor, though, so I’m eating the worms and cow intestines first and then saving the mildly unpalatable canned vegetables for later. It’s a delicious process.IMG_20160613_125350962And now, beer. I have resisted the urge to drink this for breakfast, despite the fact that it is currently the most nutritious source of carbohydrates in the house. I have yet to go grocery shopping this week because the mangoes that are rotting in my fridge have gained sentience and mutinized my kitchen. That being said, if you have the wherewithal to do so, it would make a fine breakfast beer. This was my first exposure to 21st Amendment and what an exposure it was- pop tarts and beer kick bacon-flavored anything’s ass any day of the week. Continue reading “Bar Snacks #2: 21st Amendment Toaster Pastry + Dugges Bryggeri Syrligt”

Bar Snacks #1: Gouda Moon Cheese

Let’s be honest, after two months, I had a solid break-up letter planned with a very airtight excuse. But I couldn’t do it. I had to announce to all three of you my graduation from law school, my fervent preparation for my weight lifting meet, and perhaps the most exciting news of all, the validation that comes with the newfound knowledge that I, the limbs, the entity, the contradiction, am employable. And as of yesterday, employed! As an attorney! Yes, me! This one!

Yes, in the midst of pulling on my TBD undergarments and chewing through eight hours of real property every day, I am also a brand new lawyer, working my dream job and learning a million new things. So how could I abandon you when there are so many new things to smuggle into the law school library and stress-eat? My days are occupied down to the minute and I could not be happier. My cortisol levels are licking up the schedule like it’s on fire every day of the week. I feel like this is what I needed, this complete dearth of idle time on my hands. Continue reading “Bar Snacks #1: Gouda Moon Cheese”